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Tick hooks Ajka

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Tick hooks Ajka

Product description

The two Ajka tick hooks are an indispensable companion - for animals and humans alike. Whether the small or large hook is used depends on the size of the tick.
The hook is pushed in between your skin and tick´s mouthparts and then gently rotated around its own axis. Within seconds, the tick is completely detached from the skin - without exerting any pressure on the body of the parasite.
The two AJKA tick hooks are made of robust plastic and can be used again and again. Ideally, the handy tick hooks are carried along on every dog walk and are also always ready to hand and use at home and in the car.

  • practical hooks (set of 2) for removing ticks
  • assorted colours
  • quickly, gently and painlessly
  • minimal risk of transmitting diseases or toxic substances
  • easy to use
  • robust and reusable
  • for animals (dog, cat, horse, ...) and humans

Do not forget to disinfect the skin before and after removing the tick properly.

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