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Tick and flea botanical treatment 26 - 50 kg Arava

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Tick and flea botanical treatment 26 - 50 kg Arava

Product description

ARAVA natural antiparasitic pipette for dogs from 26 to 50 kg, based on a high concentration of essential herbal oils with repellent effect and providing rapid relief in the case of insect bites: mint, cinnamon, lemon grass, clove, thyme, Indian zederach, lemon eucalyptus, juniper, chant, pine, pine, bitter orange, rue, rosemary.

  • 4 x 8 ml
  • dose for up to 4 months of protection

Instructions for use: Shake before use. Spread the hair behind the dog's neck and apply a few drops to the exposed skin by gently pressing the tip of the pipette. Repeat this procedure for the entire length of the spine. Apply a drop or two to your finger and rub the dog on the inside of the ears. Using the same procedure, rub a few drops into the groin. For optimal absorption and maximum effect, we recommend the dog to bathe ARAVA shampoo and ticks two days before pipette application. Repeat the application every three to four weeks. Avoid contact with eyes. If the dog often buys in the wild, you can compensate for the partial washing of the product by the concurrent use of the ARAVA repellent collar.

Caution: Apply in a well-ventilated area away from people with respiratory disease. Do not use if the dog is taking antibiotics or steroids. For dogs sensitive, allergic or with white hair, first apply only a small amount of the product to one site to avoid sensitivity. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with clean, cold water. If irritation persists, consult a veterinarian. For maximum effect, we recommend not only to treat the dog, but also to use suitable products in the environment in which it moves.

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