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Tick and flea botanical collar Arava

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Tick and flea botanical collar Arava

Product description

ARAVA herbal repellent collar protects your best friend against ticks and fleas.
This unique collar is impregnated with a mixture of 14 kinds of essential oil essential oil. The plants they come from have the most effective defense mechanism against the pests nature is capable of. It is suitable for adult dogs and puppies without age restrictions.

  •  the distinctive aroma of natural oils persists only the first days after opening
  • effective period: approx. 5 months
  • the pest man only repels, not kills
  • the effect persists even after bathing the dog in the sea or pure water. Remove the collar before shampooing
  • if the dog has been infected with the parasite, the environment in which it moves must be treated as well.

Instructions for use: remove the collar from the pack and put the dog in such a way that there is room for free insertion of two fingers between it and the skin on the neck. Remove the rest of the collar - you can use it for example in a mosquito box. Prevent a pet from eating a collar.

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