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Orthopedic dog cushion Merida

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Orthopedic dog cushion Merida

Product description

Relaxing sleep is as important to dogs as it is to humans.
Older dogs and patients with musculoskeletal disorders deserve a good rest on the MERIDA orthopedic pillow.
Especially active dogs and puppies who need preventive care are grateful for the extraordinary comfort.
The memory foam padding adapts perfectly to the body shape and helps improve sleep quality.
If you observe that your four-legged friend is not sleeping well or is limping without explanation, then it is definitely worth buying an orthopedic bed.
A small change can often significantly change and improve the quality of life of your faithful friend.
Thanks to its simple shape, the use of the MERIDA orthopedic pillow is almost unlimited - a crib at home, on the road and when traveling.

  • optimal for older dogs and those with illnesses of the musculoskeletal system
  • with memory foam / silicon filling (flakes)
  • filling can be removed completely thanks to the zip
  • cover is washable at 30 °C

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