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Me & My Dog Medical Kit

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Me & My Dog Medical Kit

Product description

If your dog likes to travel and go on nature trips just like you, the Me & My Dog first aid kit from the Adventure® Dog Series will be useful for all joint adventures.
The set was designed especially for dogs and their owners and is intended for joint trips to nature.
The first aid kit contains complete equipment for providing first aid to both you and your dog companion.
Don't forget to have it with you whenever you go on a trip, hike or even under a tent.
When you have this medical kit to provide first aid to you and your dog, you can finally travel without worries.

Features and benefits:

  • Human & Canine First Aid Essentials Have peace of mind knowing you have the right safety essentials for you AND your dog
  • SOL emergency blanket treat shock and hypothermia
  • emergency cold pack reduce swelling of sprains and strains with the emergency cold pack
  • 10 cc irrigation Syringe Effectively clean wounds and/or eyes prevent infection
  • splinter picker / tick remover safely remove splinters and ticks from your dog's paws and body
  • triangular bandage safely administer first aid to your dog by first muzzling them with this triangular bandage
  • cohesive elastic bandage easily wrap injuries with this self-adhering bandage which doesn't stick to fur


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