Visiting Dogpoint

Visiting Dogpoint

The construction works on a new dog shelter under construction Dogpoint are coming to an end. We have visited Malotice recently and walked a few tail-waggers.

There was a nice surprise waiting for us; five puppies aged seven weeks that have been temporarily accomodated by the organization until new owners are found for them. At the same time we have checked the finishing works and we have to admit that the members as well as the volunteers are very skilful. They did lot of work in Malotice.

As a general partner we have been cooperating with the organization Dogpoint on a long-term basis. We provided them with a financial assistance, for which they bought a lot of equipment to the dog shelter and we also donated dog beds, toys and bowls and there are cash boxes at our shops where you can make a contribution.

Let’s help, it does make sense.


With love

Your We love dogs - HUNTER ♥


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