5 reasons why you should want to be your own dog

5 reasons why you should want to be your own dog

Once in a while there are moments in a master’s life when he will wish for nothing else than to be his own dog. These are the moments when such idea most likely crosses your mind.

Because they do not have to get up to work

The morning atmosphere is completely different when you do not have to and when you have to get up. The first possibility gives you delightful slow tossing and turning in bed, while when closing the door leaving for work you are full of envy watching your dog and the only thing you are thinking is how to exchange your life with him.

Because they do not have to think about what to wear

In fact, they look fantasic in everything! Whether in rain coat, pullover or warm overall they always receive admiring compliments for their outfit.

dog pullover

 A perfect fit pullover is a base of every winter wardrobe.

 Because they can lounge about in cozy dog bed

All the time. Every day. Oh dear, what to say. Just jealous!

dog sofa Gotland 

Relax in this bed is like immersing in clouds.

Because they can wear shining clothes and aaccessories without being considered runaways from technoparty

Let’s admit that we would love to wear flashing clothes but we are afraid to attract attention. While a dog can run around with lighting collar and nobody wil even think that he‘s gone mad.

lighting collar

Noone will overlook your dog with this collar.

Because they do not care what the others might think

They make a poop quite easily in the middle of the sidewalk, when there are people all around you. They do not care that they have put on weight for winter a bit and they do not mind that the neigbour is annoyed by their night barking. Dogs simply do not care about what the others might think. And we should sometimes behave the same way. Just not care.

Let’s care less about trivialities and enjoy more every day with a dog. We wish you a Merry Christmas.

With love

Your We love dogs - HUNTER ♥



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