What does it mean to adopt a dog from a dog shelter?

Have you been thinking about getting a dog from a dog shelter? Would you like to give him the most valuable thing – a good home? The adoption of a dog should not be underestimated, and therefore we have drafted some basic information for you.

If you decide to take a dog from a dog shelter, you should think it over and discuss it with your family in advance. Pejsky z útulku has already been disappointed once and there is nothing worse than another disappointment for a fragile dog soul.


Which one suits me best?

Before getting a dog, you should consider the size and character of a dog that suits your lifestyle, leisure time, finances and living conditions. Do you prefer a grown-up dog or a puppy? The common myth is the fear of not being able to change the dog’s habits when adopting a grown-up or older dog. Of course this is not true, however it requires a lot of patience and consistency. 

How to choose a dog shelter?

In order to choose a dog you should select a dog shelter where they let you in, so that you can take a look at all dogs as well as the environment and make the first contact with the dog. The local professionals should provide you with all available information regarding the arrival and stay of the dog and they should also have a short interview with you as a new prospective owner of the dog. Do not get scared, it means that such dog shelter really cares about the right placement of dogs.



Course of the adoption

During your visit you will have to answer a few questions, for example if you have a garden, children or any other animal. On the basis of such conversation a good dog shelter should find out which dog is suitable for you. You should have a possibility to take a dog for a walk and get to know him outside the dog shelter. The whole family, including its dog members, should visit a dog shelter.

Rules of the adoption

Most of the dog shelters in the Czech Republic are governed by the following rules:

  • Any person over 18 may adopt a dog.

  • Every person must identify himself/herself by his/her identity card.

  • The future owner must pick up a dog at a dog shelter personally and sign a contract to entrust a dog in custody.

  • Some dog shelters include a possibility to make a check at the new owners or a duty to return the dog within the protective time-limit of 6 months if the original owner is found.


Prepare some cash to pay for the adoption fee, which is the compensation for vaccination, deworming and other expenses incurred by the dog shelter, and remember to take obojek and a leash.


Dog gratitude is not just a phrase and your love and care will be repaid especially by dogs from dog shelters.


With love

Your HUNTER <3



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