Winter HUNTER collection. New arrivals, you must have

We have just received a new HUNTER collection – Winter 2015. Absolutely amazing stuff, thorough handwork, pleasant to the touch and smelling wonderfully. This is our TOP selection, take it as a Christmas inspiration.;)

Bright Capri newly in pink

You have been demanding it for such a long time, therefore we decided to get it in store. We are absolutely amazed by the raspberry shade of the favourite Capri obojku. Capri is made out of genuine leather providing extraordinary comfort. If we could, we would be wearing it ourselves, it is so gorgeous!



Not impressed by the pink? Then perhaps you choose our regular Capri collection in beautiful autumn colours.




Shining LED collars

How do you know that winter is definitely here? When you cannot see your dog during morning and evening walkies. Our new water-resistant shining LED obojek Yukon will bring a new light to your walkies and you will be able to monitor your dog for up to 500 metres. The collar can easily be charged by USB cable and it will be shining for about 2 – 3 hours. You can choose from five colours: orange, pink, blue, lime, black.



The option of obojku pro kočičky is 18 – 34 cm long and available in pink and orange.


 Silicon pad under bowls

You know the situation when a dog rushes to the bowl and suddenly there is a mess everywhere. This silikonová podložka will reduce the flood risk on your parquets and crumbs after dinner can easily be wiped off. A practical trick which even looks good!



Soft bed Gent with anti-bacterial treatment

The bed is water and dirt resistant and it is treated with Silver-Plus and Bionic Finish C6 technologies. The cover can be removed completely and machine washed. The bed provides endless comfort and safety to your pet during his daily lounging. Thanks to its elegant design pelíšek Gent this bed can even be considered a great piece of design. And since the longing for heavy relaxation is not restricted by size, we newly offer also large dog beds.




Does your dog prefer a traditional style? Take a look at postýlka.



Make yourself and your dog happy by getting one of our new arrivals. Why? Just because he deserves it :)


With love

Your HUNTER <3



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