Help us build a home for abandoned dogs

It is very sad to see how mean people are able to treat live creatures. Cases of dog torture and reproduction abuse for profit are becoming more common and we just cannot accept the fact, that many dogs end up on the street due to the ruthless behaviour of their owners.

After having lived under unfavourable conditions, while being captured and subsequently treated at the veterinary office, dogs are so stressed that it is very difficult for them to trust a new person. In cooperation with the organization http://www.dog-point.cz/ we therefore began to construct a completely new dog shelter which will be fully equipped for comfortable living of even a large pack.


 Construction of the dog shelter in Malotice


Dogpoint o. p. s. is currently being managed from its headquarters which serves as an administrative head office arranging for checking the reported cases. They provide mediation of veterinary care, organize events supporting the interest to help and arrange so called dogpoint for dogs www.dog-point.cz/jak-funguje-dogpoint (temporary homes with volunteers).


 Organization structure of Dogpoint


In order to simplify the placement of dogs in new families there is a new dog point created in Malotice dogpointí útulek, which we decided to support. 3% of the takings of the store in Malá Strana is transferred to the shelter’s account every month.


 I seriálové hvězdy podpořily nově vznikající útulek


You can also help dogs by purchasing the HUNTER key tag. The value of the key tag is 200 CZK and it is on sale at our store Just Your Friend in Malá Strana. The collection for dog-shelter lasts all year-long and the box, where the money for sold key tags is collected, has been sealed by the Municipal Authority. The seal will be removed at the end of the year, the money will be calculated and subsequently deposited to the Dogpoint‘s account.

Animal lovers may contribute also gifts, such as food, medicaments, detergents and many others. Gifts for dogs may be brought to our store and we will take everything to the shelter.



Do something nice today and come by our store for the magic key tag which can help.


With love

Your HUNTER <3

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