Dog park rules

Dog park rules

Do you live in an apartment or house with a small garden and look for a place where your four-legged friend can run around? Well, there's nothing else to do but head to the dog park together and enjoy an afternoon of frolicking and fun.

Every dog needs a sufficient amount of exercise to live a happy life. Daily walks around the city, free exercise in the woods or a few laps around the block will delight your four-legged pet and at the same time tire him out in a healthy way. But if you want to spice up your walking routine, head out together to a place where your dog will feel like he's in paradise. Yes, we're talking about the dog park! Although it might seem that a dog park is a place without rules, the opposite is true. So, let's get to know the most basic rules and tips to make your trip to the dog park without any inconvenience or unnecessary problems.

1. Health first

90_1_psi_hriste.pngDo you have a little puppy at home that you want to take to the dog park as soon as possible? Then wait until the puppy has been properly vaccinated. Also for adult dogs, only vaccinated dogs that are also dewormed and protected against parasites and fleas are allowed in the dog park. Even though no one checks the vaccination card at the entrance, we believe that dog owners are respectful and will not allow their dog to infect or endanger another dog. Likewise, you should not go to the dog park with a female dog in heat or a sick dog.

2. The owner is responsible for the dog

Every dog owner knows (or at least has an idea) what to expect from their pet. If you have a dog who is prone to aggression or, on the contrary, an unsocialized dog, then it is not responsible to go to the dog park. On the other hand, you shouldn't take your eyes off even a trained and reliable dog at the dog park. You never know what might happen, so it's good to be alert and intervene if necessary. You should also keep a leash handy so that you can control an unpleasant situation.

3. Get to know the dog park

There are many dog parks being built nowadays that meet global standards and are well secured. Nevertheless, it is worth checking that the park is really safe before letting your dog out. In addition to a broken fence, look for the remains of treats left by other dogs or the condition of wooden obstacles. Unfortunately, some dog parks become home to drug addicts or homeless people, so look around for syringes or cigarettes. If you get the impression that a dog park is not a safe place, you should just take your dog and leave. There is no point in taking unnecessary risks.

4. Without children

90_2_psi_hriste.pngDogs are not allowed in playgrounds and children are not allowed in dog parks. This is a simple safety rule that we should all respect. Although many dogs love children, there are dogs that are nervous, scared of children or exhibit aggressive behaviour. At the same time, dogs may bump into or otherwise injure a child during play.

5. Oh, the excrement

Unfortunately, there are masters who also see the dog park as a toilet that doesn't need to be cleaned. But the truth remains that in order to make a dog park a healthy place for humans and dogs alike, there is no choice but to bend over and pick up your pet's excrement. We'd prefer to carve this rule in stone!

6. Respect other visitors

Each of us has a different motivation for going to a dog park. Some people want to give their dog a casual fun time, for others it's a place to practice obedience or sports together. So be aware of your surroundings, and possibly don't disturb masters who use the dog park for training.

And the golden rule at the end! Be aware of your dog and listen to his needs. If you get the impression that your dog is not happy in the dog park, is afraid of other dogs and does not feel comfortable, then don't push too hard. You can train your dog to go to the dog park and to socialise and find other fun activities that will make your dog really happy.

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