Where to go with your dog in Vinohrady ?

Where to go with your dog in Vinohrady ?

Do you live in Prague and are you wondering how to make your dog's day? Or do you have a "pet friendly" office in the centre of Prague and your four-legged buddy is with you every day at work? Either way, you can be sure that the centre of Prague is really dog-friendly. We have prepared a list of places you should definitely not miss with your four-legged pet.

1. We love dogs Spa

91_2_vinohrady.pngAre you looking for a place where your dog will feel like in heaven? Look no further, just enter the address Vinohradská 939/39 and come to our unique self-wash spa We love dogs Spa.Here you can wash your dog in a special adjustable bath (no more sore back from bending over), use the fragrant ARAVA cosmetics with a rich content of minerals and herbs, and comb and dry him with a hairdryer at the same time. 

There will also be an assistant on hand to help you with anything you need. This is the ideal place for those who regularly struggle with flooding and mess in the bathroom, and above all want to spoil their dog with first-class care. For an hour with a small breed (up to 30 cm) you will pay CZK 500, for a medium breed (from 31 to 60 cm) the price is set at CZK 650 and large breeds (61 cm and more) cost CZK 800. 

Where: Vinohradská 939/39 

Reservation: tel.: +420 773 732 511, e-mail: rezervace@welovedogs.cz

2. Riegrovy sady 

91_1_vinohrady.pngLet's move! Walks are an integral part of a city dog's life, ideally through a park where there is no danger to either dog or owner. We can say that Riegrovy sady is such a park. You will discover this green oasis in the very heart of Vinohrady and fall in love with it before your dog says "woof". 

Although at first glance it might seem that you have to keep your dog on a leash at all times in Riegrovy sady, the opposite is true. In the lower part of the park, closer to Italská Street, you will find marked areas where you can let your dog loose. Provided, of course, that he obeys you and is used to run to you when called. Count on the fact that Riegrovy sady is very popular among dog owners, so it is almost certain that you will meet other dogs. 

3. Dog friendly cafés 

Even the masters deserve a sweet life. If you're out walking your dog, you don't have to give up coffee and dessert. On the contrary, the centre of Prague is full of cafés where dogs are welcome

Sweet pastry lovers should not miss Kus koláče at 90 Korunní Street, where, as the name suggests, fantastic cakes are prepared! In the same street you will also discover the café Spižírna 1902, whose strength is not only excellent coffee, but also fantastic cuisine. We can't forget the Vinohrady Coffee Room, which is famous for its great coffee and delicious avocado breads. 

Dog friendly cafés can also be found on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square. We especially recommend the La Forme bakery with its pleasant garden where you can hide from the burning sun with your dog. 

By the way, it is not only in Vinohrady that you will find our Dogbars, i.e. bowls with water, which are intended for all thirsty passing dogs. So if you pass by one of the dogbars, don't forget to stop there with your dog. 

4. Dog parks 

Unfortunately, you won't find a proper dog park in Vinohrady. So there is nothing else to do but to be unfaithful to this urban district and go to Letná. Opposite the National Technical Museum there is a fenced dog park that will delight all active dogs. Inside, there are several simple obstacles that allow you to train basic dog skills. Just remember that dog parks have their own rules that must be respected.



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