Bad smell from a dog’s mouth may be a sign of health problem

Close contact with a dog, proving the mutual love, is very important. However, bad smell from a dog’s mouth is not a pleasant experience at all.

Most common reasons of bad smell

Bad smell starts when we do not pay enough attention to regular teeth cleaning. Food remains stick to interdental areas where they are infected by bacteria. An inflammation of the oral cavity may also be one of the reasons of bed smell. In such a case plaque remains on teeth, which changes to hardened tartar during a few days. Irregular hygiene of the oral cavity is risky especially due to the origin of alveolar inflammation or dental root infection.


                                                                         Exemplary dog’s teeth.


Consequences of the neglected hygiene

An inflammation in a dog’s body resulting from poor dental hygiene may have fatal consequences. When the infection from teeth spreads all over the body, it may affect the liver, the kidneys or even the heart. If you feel that you have neglected the cleaning phase, you’d better consult the vet.


                                                           Consult the vet when neglecting the care.


Regular cleaning

The problems with bad breath may be prevented by cleaning. The slimy plaque can be removed by a special tooth brush for dogs and dog toothpaste. Such care is recommended to be performed 1x per week. Also peppermint chewing small cubes may be a great prevention; they may be acquired in various shapes helping not only to clean the teeth but also to massage the gingiva. The dog will be kept busy by dental goodies and his fresh breath will be guaranteed.


Take good care of your dog’s teeth and get the dog some tools which will strengthen the health of your best friend.

With love

Your HUNTER <3

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