Is your dog bored at home? With these tips you can easily keep him entertained!

Is your dog bored at home? With these tips you can easily keep him entertained!

We all know those rainy dreary days when none of us, usually including our four-legged friends, want to go for a walk longer than the most necessary walking. But what to do at home so that our dog doesn't get bored? Because as every master knows, a tired dog = a happy dog. We therefore bring you some tips to keep you and your buddies entertained at home.

Noughts and crosses

64_1_nuda.pngThat noughts and crosses are only for us - bipeds?  It doesn't have to be! Noughts and crosses will bring a lot of fun to you and your dog. So how to do it?

All you need is a pencil, paper and a supply of your favourite treats. Draw a 3x3 grid on the paper and place the prepared treats in the individual spaces. Now just choose a symbol and the game can begin! Whoever's turn it is takes a treat and then a symbol is written in the space - he who wins, takes all!


A very simple game that is guaranteed to keep you and your dog entertained! For this game you only need your dog's favourite treats, which you will hide in different places in the room. The dog will then search for the hidden treats and you will have a lot of fun watching him.

Blanket and treats

As the name suggests, for this game you will only need a blanket and treats. So how to do it? Place the treats on the ground, place the blanket over them and watch your dog try to get them. You can also make the game more difficult later by placing the treats directly on the blanket, which you then tangle.

Sniffing rugs

64_2_nuda.pngAs every master knows, a dog spends most of his life sniffing his surroundings - smell is the main sense of a dog. The sniffing rug supports natural dog behaviour and trains the dog's instincts. So how does this rug work? Quite simply. You hide your dog's favourite treats or kibble in the sniffing rug, which the dog searches for in the rug. This way, the dog has to concentrate and think, which keeps him wonderfully entertained.

You can either buy a rug in shops, where they are available in many variants in terms of design and colours, or you can even try to make it yourself, you can find plenty of instructions on the internet.

Interactive games

If you don't feel like inventing new and new games over and over again, the easiest solution is to get one of the interactive dog toys. There are lots of options, from different puzzles to treat dispensing toys that work on the same principle, the dog has to figure out how to get to the treats.

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