New Year's resolution for all dog lovers

New Year's resolution for all dog lovers

It is no longer true that New Year's resolutions are only about diets and new hobbies. On the contrary, it's high time to include four-legged friends in your resolutions. We bring you inspiration for a few resolutions that will make your 2022 a year of happy barking and dog fun.

The new year brings also a look back. Although most of us want only the best for our dog, there were certainly times in the past year when we were not exemplary masters. Perhaps we have neglected our four-legged friend in the evening, maybe we have cut short a walk from time to time or not seen much of other dog lovers. And so we hope that each of us will come up with at least one New Year's resolution that involves a dog.

If you don't know where to start, here is inspiration for some general New Year's resolutions that are ideal for all dog lovers.

1. Go on holiday together

70_1_novorocni_predsevzeti.pngDid anybody say that vacation is just for people? We don't think so! Not only in our country you can find countless hotels and guesthouses that are dog friendly. So there is nothing else to do but to pack your dog's backpack and go on an unusual holiday that you will enjoy together. You can't go wrong with a trip to the mountains or the countryside, but you can also take your dog out into the city without any problems. In this respect, it depends primarily on the breed and nature of your dog.

2.  Exercise your brain

We all want our dog to remain vital and sharp even in his old age. That's why it's a good idea to get your four-legged friend a dog puzzle or a riddle. Most of the time, a puzzle works by placing a treat in it, and then the dog searches for it. If you don't want to buy a dog puzzle, nothing prevents you from making one from things you already have at home.

One of the most popular puzzles is created by placing treats in a plain blanket and then rolling the blanket up. A clever dog will discover that he only gets the treats when he unrolls the blanket.

3. Understand dog language

Did you write in your New Year's resolution that you want to learn a new foreign language? Forget Spanish, French or Chinese this time and instead learn a language that you will actually communicate with on a daily basis. Yes, we mean dog language! The good news is that this "language course" is free of charge and your teacher will be no one else but your pet. And if you need a textbook to hand, then we suggest you look for one in a bookstore. For example, a book called How to Speak Dog or Human-Dog Conversation - How to Create Communication Signals for an Easier Life is a great help.

4. Safety above all

70_2_novorocni_predsevzeti.pngOne of the most important tasks of every dog lover is to ensure the safety of their four-legged friend. But it's not just about feeding your dog regularly, showering him with love and always keeping him safe. Nor should we forget about the safety of the environment in which the dog lives. Try to wash your dog's bed or blanket regularly in the New Year. Likewise, wash your dog's bowls and favourite toys regularly. It also doesn't hurt to do a toy "audit" and throw away any potentially dangerous pieces.

5. Help other dogs

In the New Year, try to think of the dogs who are less fortunate and less loved. You can help these dogs in several ways. Some shelters offer dog walking, so you can take the dog for a walk for a few hours. You can also help by buying dog food or treats for the dogs from the shelter. In this regard, it is worth contacting your chosen shelter and asking what food and treats they are currently missing.

On our e-shop you can buy a charity voucher for DOGPOINT, which will support the construction of new kennels. There are countless ways to support dogs in the New Year, so it's up to you which option is closest to your heart.

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