Rules of good behavior in dog parks. Do you follow them all?

Rules of good behavior in dog parks. Do you follow them all?

If you live in the city and have a four-legged friend, you have probably already picked out a few dog parks in your area. It is a great way to tire your dog out, socialize, and give him some freedom in a busy environment. Each park or playground has its own written and unwritten rules designed to keep dogs and their masters safe. So how should you behave so that you do not disturb other visitors and avoid unnecessary conflicts?


32_1_psi_etiketa_v_parku.pngBefore entering the park, make sure your furry buddy is up to date on vaccinations. This includes vaccinations against distemper, parvovirus, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and rabies. Your dog should also not bring uninvited visitors - fleas or other parasites are not welcome in the park.

Quiet entrance

It’s clear that it is not going to be easy for those who cannot wait to party with their friends. But take your time and teach your dog to enter the park in a calm and fuss-free manner. This way, you will not attract the attention of other dogs unnecessarily and you will let yours fit in properly.

Leash-less etiquette

Release your dog from the leash before he starts playing with others. Why? Leashed dogs are "less legible" to those at loose and are also easier targets. Without a leash, they have more opportunity to express their body language, avoid unwanted interactions or move away from a dog they do not want to encounter. This will prevent unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings.

Female dogs with "their days"

We probably do not need to remind you that bringing a female dog in heat to the park is not a good idea. Not only can your dog pack grow bigger in a few months, and you will be looking for someone to pay puppy maintenance and support, but the dog gentlemen can also fight over the irresistible little lady that the female dog becomes while in heat.

Hygiene principles

32_2_psi_etiketa_v_parku.pngAt first glance, it is an obvious rule, but there is always someone who does not follow it. That is why it is good (and not only because of the poop) to constantly monitor your dog. Then it will not happen to you, that you will not catch your furry buddy "in action" and leave the poop behind accidentally.

Kids in the park

Before visiting a park or playground, always consider carefully whether you should take young children with you who do not yet understand the behaviour of dogs. Your buddy already knows his pack well, but this is not the case with other four-legged visitors. This will help you avoid incidents where a child is accidentally bumped by a dog in the heat of play.

Dog toys

If you know your dog has favorite toys, do not take them to the park with you. Chances are that other dogs will want to play with them, and your buddy will not like it.

Keep full attention

Do not let anything distract you in the park and always keep an eye on your dog. Do not look at your phone and keep an eye on him when talking to other dog lovers. In short, never leave your dog unattended.

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