What should a dog first aid kit contain?

What should a dog first aid kit contain?

Many masters consider useless owning a dog first aid kit. The situation can always be handled somehow without having one, after all. But they change their opinion the moment they really need it. The doggie gets sick, injured, or eats something he should not. In many incidents, the first aid kit saves you a trip to the vet unless a visit is absolutely necessary. In this article, we will talk about what such first aid kit should look like to be practical.


Betadine is absolutely the must item any first aid kit should contain. It works on open wounds, whether from biting or scratching, it cleans and disinfects. When you need to rinse the wound, dilute it with water so that it looks like tea. Saline is ideal for rinsing eyes and wounds. And the third basic item, which should be an integral part of the dog first aid kit, is hydrogen peroxide. However, it is not intended as disinfection, the dog would feel unpleasant burn in the wound, it is used to induce vomiting in case of ingestion of a dangerous substance.

25_1_lekarnicka_pro_psy.pngDressing material

Adhesive elastic and self-adhesive bandage, with which you can easily bandage the dog's wound, a set of cushion patches, a tourniquet to stop bleeding, a patch, bandages, all this will help you in first aid to the dog. Also, do not forget the medical triangular bandage to fix mouth so that the dog can't bite you during the treatment.


Medications in a first aid kit often save you the trip to the vet. For example, in case of an insect sting it is good to have antihistamines to prevent the allergic reaction. Smecta will be useful for diarrhea, black charcoal is also often recommended but as it colors the dog's excrements it is not possible to diagnose if there is any blood in it.


It may seem like the most unnecessary item, but injury to the paws and pads is one of the most common injuries. The boot ensures that no dirt will get into the wound.

25_2_psi_lekarnicka.pngTechnical aids

The first aid kit should include tweezers to remove splinters or ticks, a syringe to rinse the wound or eyes with saline solution, disposable gloves, scissors, safety pins and a thermometer, that immediately tells you that there is something wrong with the dog according to the elevated body temperature.

The first aid kit will make your first aid easier, but you must assess how serious the situation is and how extensive injuries or nausea of ​​the dog are. If you are unsure, you should consult a veterinarian.

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