How to Choose a Reliable Dog Sitter and Dog Hotel

How to Choose a Reliable Dog Sitter and Dog Hotel

Whether you are going on a vacation, for a visit, a stay in the spa or you just need to relax, sometimes there is simply a situation where you have to entrust your buddy to someone else. How to choose a reliable dog sitter to avoid unnecessary stress and fear, so that your dog could enjoy the time spent without you? We will advise you on what to focus on.

Take the recommendation

It doesn't matter if you choose a dog sitter or a dog hotel, the first thing should be a good recommendation. Ask your friends and family and take a look what the internet has to say. Find reviews on Google or Facebook, not only on the page of the subject whose services you are interested in. You can also ask your dog trainer you trust.

Check with your own ears and eyes

22_2_hlidacka.pngDo not be afraid to arrange a personal meeting and visit of the place where your dog will be staying. The time spent in such a search will pay off in the form of peace of mind that you will have during the sitting. Ask the person who will take care of your dog about his experience, about the way he works with animals, see how he gets along with dogs. Pay attention to what the environment for your dog looks like, whether it is clean and does not smell, whether it is safe and what other animals are there, or how these animals will meet.

Also ask about the daily routine that your dog will have. Ask what is the established procedure in case of health complications of the animal, where is the closest veterinary emergency or what experience the dog sitter has with the first aid to a dog. You should pay attention when the dog sitter will not want to show you the area where his dogs are staying. Last but not least, agree on whether the other party is willing to accept the situation in which your furry buddy is - that is, if he has a health problem that needs to be taken into account, is reactive, has separation anxiety or is in heat at the moment.

Get them acquainted

Before the vacation get your doggie acquainted with the dog sitter. Go for a walk together, let them play and stay close to each other for a while, so that your buddy stops being ashamed or afraid.

Follow your feelings

On paper, everything may look perfect, the communication also went smoothly, the dates are OK, the price is acceptable, but there is still something strange here. If your sixth sense whispers to you that it won't turn out well, follow your feeling and keep looking. Your dog should enjoy sitting just like you will enjoy your sleep, when you don't have to get up to walk. He should become close to the person taking care of him so that you can really relax and let go of worrying about your pet. So don't be afraid to invest in a longer search.

For the vacation you can equip your dog with his favorite blanket or treats. He will definitely appreciate both!

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