Off-Leash Etiquette. What to look out for, what to avoid and how to enjoy time together without a leash as best as you can

Off-Leash Etiquette. What to look out for, what to avoid and how to enjoy time together without a leash as best as you can

Probably every master wants to let his doggie run free while walking, so that he can enjoy the movement and explore the surroundings. However, such a walk is not possible with every doggie. Therefore, before you let your buddy out, make sure you have off-leash etiquette down to a fine art.

A truly reliable call

The first and most important rule of dog freedom is a well-trained call. If you have to shout really loud when calling and after the dog finally gets around, you slap him over his ass to remember it, you'll still have to work hard on this command. A good call requires training throughout the dog's life and has a simple basis - the dog should be happy to return to you.

21_1_obojek.pngTeach your dog to watch over you

Unclipping your dog from the leash must not mean that the dog disappears and you will meet again in an hour at the front door. You should not lose sight of your furry buddy. It will be much more useful, though, if you teach your doggie that he must not lose sight of you. How? Be unpredictable, change the direction of walking as well as the regular route and occasionally give your doggie a treat for moving around in your presence.

You can try, for example, these semi-soft goodies, which, laid on the sidewalk, will not be overlooked by you or your doggie: 

Don't let him do what he wants

The responsible master knows that the rules do not disappear with freedom of movement. Both the very clear ones, when you should not let your dog jump on strangers or steal snacks from picnic blankets, but also the less obvious and respected ones, such as the fact that the dog should not pee on other people's garden beds or that we should really clean up after our dog.

21_2_pejsek_na_volno.pngKeep away from other dogs

"He's nice, a friend to everyone," shouldn't be a pass to contact an unknown dog. This is only information for the ownerr of an unknown dog and it should remain at his discretion whether the dogs should get acquainted. Don't let your friendly dog run after other dogs - and particularly not after those who are on a leash or have a muzzle. Not every dog likes attention.

Do not look down your nose at the dogs on a leash

Your buddy may be calm, remaining quiet in every situation and faithfully sticking to your feet, that’s why you don't even think about why he should be on a leash. But every dog is different. Be tolerant and respect the decisions of others.

If you don't feel like off-leash walk yet or you want to try it with a "safety measure", invest in a tracker. This long leash is designed to crawl on the ground without getting stuck. If necessary, it can be easily stepped on.

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