Feeling dry and warm: Practical autumn clothes for dogs

Feeling dry and warm: Practical autumn clothes for dogs

Clothes for dogs seem to be useless to many masters. "It's an animal, it has fur, it can't be cold," many of them justify their attitude. But explain it to the dog, who is standing in front of the front door and refuses to expose his precious fur to the rain. No wonder that there is a saying: "You would not even send a dog out in weather like this." But we have tips for autumn clothes, thanks to which you can "send out" your pet in any time, because he will stay nice and dry.

Clothes for dogs are definitely not for show. Yet they should fulfill several practical functions:

16_1_finja.pngSelection of material

When choosing the material, first consider the weather for which the clothes should be. From this the selected material should be derived. Knitted sweaters are beautiful, but not entirely suitable for rain. In a moment, they can get wet and harm the dog by getting cold. They are suitable when it's dry, but already a bit cold. Raincoats made of waterproof material are ideal for rain.

Thanks to the reflective yarn, the particularly soft and warm Finja sweater scores in terms of visibility and safety.

Insulated or uninsulated? 

16_2_uppsala_rain.pngUninsulated raincoats are ideal for spring and autumn sleet, they protect the dog from the rain and there is no need to warm him up. But if there are already ground frosts outside, your four-legged buddy will certainly appreciate the outfit with insulation. The two-in-one version is practical, the insulated part can be unfastened in the warmer months and fastened again in winter.

Light and very practical Uppsala Rain raincoat. Great style and light design will fit every dog and will not be too tight. Thanks to the reflective elements, your pet will be visible in any weather. You can simply fold the raincoat into a small bag and attach it to your backpack, for example, so you will have it on hand whenever you need it.

The universal HUNTER Uppsala coat is a wonderful solution for autumn and winter, thanks to the detachable insulated lining, so it will serve the dog in the autumn drizzle as well as in the snowy mountains.

The right size

This issue can be pretty tricky, but you just need to measure the dog or look at our size chart. First measure the length of the back from the shoulder to the base of the tail, then the lower part neckline at the widest point and the chestline just behind the forelegs.

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