PetBook Campaign and almost 60 000 CZK of your help. Thank you

We have great customers, who deserve our high respect. Jointly, we suceeded to please quite a few abandoned dogs and cats. What were the results of our Christmas PetBook Campaign? You will learn more in the following article.


What is the PetBook Campaign?

The main idea of the PeyBook Campaign was the desire to help. Having shared the desire with our loyal customers, we received huge support and tolerance, which took our breath away. There was a chance to run across the notice boards with photographs of dogs and cats at both our stores during November and December of 2014. None of the animals on the photographs has permanent home, they all exist only thanks to nice people in the shelters.  


There were two ways to join the Campaign

1. Shop and get nothing, the items were sent to dogs in the shelters or to a specific dog/cat chosen by you.

2. 50 % of the product price from your shopping was donated to the shelter.


The shelters supported by your shopping:


                                             The first shipment of presents. The first out of many.


Here are the results of the PetBook Campaign

  • We sent out the products amounting to 39,460 CZK and together with your support we made 30 dogs happy.

  • We donated the amount of 19,730 CZK to support the dog shelters. This money will be used for purchase of essential things such as food, veterinary care or better facilities of the shelter.

I would like to thank you on behalf of the whole HUNTER team. I highly respect your solidarity expressed towards the abandoned cats and dogs.


Kind regards,

Václav Žák

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