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How to shop

It is easy. Place the products that you like and want to purchase, using the icon "PURCHASE" into your virtual shopping cart. Sometimes, there are more sorts of a certain product that vary only by size and/or price. In such case please select the right product which you wish to order. Also, do not forget to select the right quantity....

How to use the shopping cart correctly

By clicking on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the page you will get to the summary of products which you have in your shopping cart.
Now, you can correct the quantity and/or continue shopping. 

If you have selected all products, sizes and quantity, as you intended, by pressing the button "Order the products in the shopping cart" you will proceed to payment. 


Now you have to decide whether you will log in (if you are the registered customer), or whether you will register as a new customer (this is suitable in case of repeated purchases or additional changes in an order, so that you do not have to constantly fill in your data) or whether you will be shopping without registration (suitable for one-time purchase).

  • In order to log in you fill in your login data, press the button Log in and your data will be loaded.   

  • In order to register you select One-time purchase, fill in your data and tick the field I wish to create an account.

  • For purchase without registration you fill in your data. 


Attention, your contact details will be handed over to the carrier/shipping company, transport may not be carried out without this information. E-mail contact is obligatory, your order will be confirmed to this e-mail and all future communication regarding the order will be made through this e-mail. Telephone number is necessary for the carrier/shipping company needs.

Press the yellow button "Select shipping and payment method" and select the preferred option.

Payment and shipping method

After you have selected the shipping and payment method there will be Summary of the order shown to you again. Please check the delivery and billing address (which is important for companies requiring the products to be delivered to an address other than their registered office). Now you can also make some note regarding your order - anything that you would like to let us know and there was no space for it in standard forms.

Summary of the order

By pressing the button "Complete the order" your order will be recorded into the system. By this step you also confirm, that you have been acquainted with the general terms and conditions of our store (which you are kindly requested to read carefully in advance).

At this moment the order is sent to you by e-mail, or you can also print it on the following page.  
If you have selected payment by card, you will be redirected to the secured payment platform of Global Payments, where you can make a payment.  

You have done the shopping and from now on it is only up to us..... We work hard so that the products are with you as soon as possible and you are informed in time.... :-) 

How to lodge claim 

(Keep the invoice / purchase voucher)

Sometimes, products may get damaged; or you may not be satisfied with some products and want to return them. We are sorry, if this happens, because it is an inconvenience for you. This is how to proceed in such situation:

Let us kindly distinguish the following situations in order to avoid any misunderstandings:

  • Delivery claim - the products delivered to you differ from the products you had ordered, and/or after takeover of the shipment from the carrier/shipping company you found out that the products were delivered damaged / broken.

  • Product claim - the products delivered to you show production defects.

  • Product return - you would like to return the products for any reason (you do not like it, etc.). Such right to return products is guaranteed to you within the period of fourteen days from the delivery date.

Claim of delivery

Please do not accept visibly damaged shipments. If you do so, we recommend you to sign takeover of the damaged shipment so that it is recorded by the carrier/shipping company.

Did we send you something else? Please accept our apology and kindly notify us using our contact details.

Did you receive damaged products that were damaged during the transport?

We will agree on the settlement depending on the situation.

  • Do not throw away the wrapping material

  • If you can, take a picture of the products including the wrapping material

  • Contact us to settle the situation at

  • A new product will be sent to you immediately after we receive pictures of the shipment (it is important to take pictures of the whole shipment including the wrapping material as well as the broken product, please do not throw away the wrapping material after taking pictures, the complete shipment must be handed over back to the carrier/shipping company). The claim will then be lodged with the carrier/shipping company that will contact you to agree on a term for pick-up of the broken product (unfortunately, it is not possible to agree on delivery of a new product and pick-up of the broken product by the same vehicle). Subsequent administrative settlement of the claim is made between us and the company PPL.

  • If you cannot take pictures, please contact us and we will lodge a claim, PPL is in charge of documenting a broken shipment. In this case a new product is delivered to you after administrative settlement of the claim. And again, please do not throw away the wrapping material.

Claim of products

We kindly request you to check the products and their quality immediately after their delivery. If there is any problem, please contact us immediately by e-mail (within three calendar days after the delivery of products) and specify your order number (stated on the invoice at delivery). Such products will be exchanged piece by piece by post immediately. This claim is called Claim of products at delivery. 

If any defect appears during the warranty period (statutory period of two years) which you consider a production defect, please contact us and we will agree on settlement of your claim. This claim is called Warranty claim.

Delivery address for delivery of returned / claimed products:

Noi concept s.r.o., Újezd 409/19, 118 00, Prague 1 - Malá Strana

Personal return /handover of the claim at the store address:

WE LOVE DOGS - HUNTER, Újezd 35,118 00, Prague 1 - Malá Strana 

Return of products

The purchased products may be returned without stating a reason within fourteen days from the delivery date. They must be reasonably wrapped and sent out back to our address together with the order number as well as the bank account information so that we know where to return the money. You may also return the products in person at our store Hunter - Just your friend (the purchase price will be returned by wire transfer to your bank account also in case of personal delivery).

Please remember, that:

  • Returned products must not be used, damaged or otherwise destroyed

  • Returned products must be delivered by a Buyer in person or by post at his own costs to the Seller's address

  • If products are damaged or used or if wrapping is damaged (or lost completely) the returned amount may be adequately reduced and/or return rejected. 

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