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Car safety belt Easy Comfort

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  • 65 - 90 cm
  • 45 - 60

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Car safety belt Easy Comfort

Product description

Safety belt Easy Comfort HUNTER is the best solution for us. With him, the dog can travel on the seat he is used to, and safely for him and for you. The thick Y-shaped nylon strap across the chest and around the neck is five-point adjustable for optimal fit to the dog's body design and is provided with a robust, removable padding for increased comfort and safety to absorb pressure in the event of a crash. Another adjustable strap leads around the dog's belly.
The durable metal fastening buckle is positioned above the crossing of the belts so that it never comes into contact with the dog's skin and cannot injure it.
Safety belt for dogs HUNTER you attach to the car belt interlocking element, which assures the climbing carabiner, so we guarantee the highest possible level of safety.

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